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February 7, 2023

State of the Union: Climate Cabinet Statement Ahead of President Joe Biden’s Third Address to the Nation

Caroline Spears: President Biden has the rare opportunity to wield the power of the State of the Union Address to unite the country behind the fight against climate change

WASHINGTON - Climate Cabinet Action (CCA), the “Moneyball” of climate politics, issued the following statement imploring President Joe Biden to not only celebrate the historic investments his administration has made against the climate crisis during his State of the Union Address, but to convey the concrete ways that he will help state and local leaders implement this historic legislation across America: 

“President Joe Biden has the rare opportunity this evening to use the State of the Union’s bully pulpit to unite the country in the fight against climate change — the biggest threat to our way of life. Biden should demonstrate this commitment by highlighting how his administration will help state and local leaders implement the historic climate achievements made from the last year. 

Thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure law, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPS and Science Act, high-paying clean energy jobs are now available to workers from Georgia to Michigan and historic investments in electric vehicles, solar, and wind power are transforming this country for the better. Because of pro-climate leaders in Minnesota, there are now 12 states that have legislated a 100% clean electricity standard. The United States is making progress toward reaching its climate commitments, and federal and state partnerships are key to meeting the scale of this challenge. 

The progress being made is facing vocal opposition by fossil fuel companies — and the politicians in their pockets — whose sole focus is to cling tight to their special interests. Climate Cabinet hopes the President calls out partisan efforts to block the Inflation Reduction Act’s success in the states and delay 100% clean electricity standards made by state leaders. The President should also use this moment as a call to action for opponents to set aside the special interests and partisan agendas, but instead, unite behind this opportunity to create a new era of prosperity for both our nation’s economy and American families. Biden should tell it like it is: it is our patriotic duty to protect the future of our families and the communities we cherish most — and we cannot slow down now.” - Caroline Spears, Executive Director for Climate Cabinet


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