For Immediate Release: July 15, 2022
 Alex Frank, | 703-276-3264


"I'm mad, I'm angry, but no single bill can stop the climate crisis in its tracks. The clean energy investments in Build Back Better would be transformative, spurring action to protect our health, build the economy of the future, and save the planet. Thanks to Joe Manchin, we learned that this avenue is all but closed.  

“But I'm not out of hope. Climate Cabinet and organizations across the nation are laser-focused on identifying, supporting, and electing climate leaders to drive state and local action on climate. When I look to the states, I see a clear path: It is time to organize, build power, and elect climate champions at every level of government who will push us forward on climate."

- Caroline Spears, Executive Director of Climate Cabinet

Bloomberg estimates that — even with the promise of Federal action — state and local policy will drive 75% of US emission reductions by 2030. Already to date, almost 50% of all clean energy growth in the past 15+ years can be attributed to clean energy standards passed by state legislatures and signed into law by governors.

There are 500,000 elected officials in America and nearly every single one has a role they can and must play in advancing climate policies that drive healthier communities, stronger economies, and a more just world. 

Local action moves us forward. 

Climate Cabinet helps local leaders run, win and legislate on the climate crisis.
Climate Cabinet focuses exclusively on state and local leaders because they have the power to drive transformative change through their offices, but need electoral, tactical, and technical support to do so. 


About Climate Cabinet Action: Climate Cabinet Action helps local leaders run, win, and legislate on the climate crisis. Climate Cabinet believes every elected office in America should be held by an official fighting for a just and equitable clean energy transition that creates jobs and makes life better for all Americans. Climate Cabinet’s Climate Slate uplifts the highest ROI climate races through endorsements, fundraising, and educational support.