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February 7, 2023

Climate Cabinet Celebrates Minnesota on Becoming 12th State to Legislate 100% Clean Electricity Standards

In the 2022 elections, Climate Cabinet helped eight of its nine Climate Slate champions win at the ballot box – flipping the Minnesota Senate to a pro-climate majority

February 7, 2023 - Climate Cabinet Action (CCA), the “Moneyball” of climate politics, celebrated Minnesota becoming the 12th state in the nation to legislate 100% clean electricity standards. Thanks to Governor Tim Walz and pro-climate majorities in the Minnesota Legislature, the North Star State will see new clean energy jobs available to workers and families and a better future for their children and the communities they cherish most. 

This moment serves as another reminder about the importance of electing pro-climate champions in state and local offices. Climate Cabinet Action was on the frontlines in Minnesota during the 2022 state elections by backing nine priority candidates, four for the MN House and five for the MN Senate. CCA helped eight of its pro-climate champions win on election night, including four gains in the MN Senate. This secured a pro-climate senate majority by a single seat.

“Minnesota is now the 12th state to legislate 100% clean electricity standards, and it’s all thanks to voters who supported pro-climate candidates and flipped the Minnesota Legislature to a pro-climate majority in 2022. These climate leaders ran and won on fighting the climate crisis, and with Governor Tim Walz’s signature, Minnesota now will have a brighter future and stronger economy, because climate leaders put families and communities ahead of polluting special interests. 

The climate movement went to work to make this opportunity possible in Minnesota, and Climate Cabinet Action (CCA) was on the frontlines in this critical fight. CCA provided its eight winning Climate Slate champions the tools they needed to win and secured a pro-climate majority in the state senate by a single seat. This work will continue in the 2024 elections. Climate Cabinet will work tirelessly to protect the climate gains made in the Legislature and the policies supported by Minnesota voters.” - said Caroline Spears, executive director for Climate Cabinet. 

Minnesota’s new 100% clean electricity standards will power the next generation of sustainable economic growth in Minnesota. Moving to a 100% clean energy future will clean up local air and water pollution, lower household bills, and create high-paying jobs in communities across the state. These are the Minnesota values the nine Climate Slate candidates ran on and won in last year’s elections. With Governor Walz’s signature, these pro-climate champions delivered on their campaign promises and are demonstrating what it means to be a national leader in climate politics. 


About Climate Cabinet Action: Down-ballot elections - including state legislative and municipal elections - are too often under-funded and ignored by the average voter. Enter: Climate Cabinet Action, the “Moneyball” of climate politics. Climate Cabinet targets state and local elections that would provide the greatest “return on investment” in the fight against climate change and helps those candidates win at the ballot box. From critical funding to field or communications services, Climate Cabinet provides pro-climate candidates the tools they need to succeed in elections. Learn more by visiting

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