For Immediate Release: August 3, 2022
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Candidates Focused on Reducing Energy Costs in Arizona Win Respective Primary Elections 

PHOENIX, AZ – August 3, 2022 – As temperatures soar and utility bills skyrocket in the Grand Canyon state, Climate Cabinet PAC-endorsed candidates campaigning on reducing the price of energy through affordable and reliable clean energy, advanced Tuesday evening, winning their respective primary races. Looking ahead to the November general election, the Arizona candidates, members of Climate Cabinet PAC’s Climate Slate, are laser-focused on reducing Arizonans utility bills while encouraging the transition to a more sustainable and reliable electric grid. Climate Cabinet PAC works with grassroots advocates across the country to gather on the ground analysis of local climate policy and the candidates best positioned to drive progress.

Caroline Spears, founder and executive director of the Climate Cabinet PAC, said, “It’s clear that Arizonans are fed up with the status quo of high utility bills and are ready for an affordable and reliable clean energy future. Arizonans deserve better than $5 dollar gasoline and expensive electricity driven by the failure of legislators who have hindered the transition to clean and cost-effective renewables. The Arizona candidates we chose to endorse are all hyper-focused on delivering clean, cost-effective energy for all Arizonans and we’re thrilled to support them as we now move closer to the November election.” 

Climate Cabinet PAC’s full slate of Arizona state legislature and Corporation Commission endorsements for the 2022 primary election cycle that won or are expected to win include:

Lorena Austin (LD-9 House)
Seth Blattman (LD-9 House)
Eva Burch (LD-9 Senate)
Andrés Cano (LD-20 House)
Mitzi Epstein (LD-12 House)
Sandra Kennedy (Corporation Commission)
Lauren Kuby (Corporation Commission)
Jennifer Longdon (LD-5 House)
Kyle Nitschke (LD-7 Senate)
Jennifer Pawlik (LD-13 House)
Brian Radford (LD-17 House)
Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (LD-21 House)
Priya Sundareshan (LD-18 Senate)
Laura Terech (LD-4 House)
Stacey Travers (LD-12 House)

Climate Cabinet PAC is poised to continue their support for these exceptional candidates in the general election. Endorsed candidates will be supported with educational and messaging resources and fundraising support from the network of Climate Cabinet supporters. 

These endorsed candidates are members of The Climate Slate, a list of the top climate champions across the U.S. running for state and local offices. These leaders are focused on reducing the burden of high energy costs, leading the clean energy transition, cleaning up air pollution, creating clean energy jobs, and advancing environmental justice. 

To see the full list of Climate Cabinet PAC endorsed candidates in Arizona and across the U.S., visit the Climate Slate website.To speak with a representative of Climate Cabinet PAC or any of the endorsed 2022 candidates, contact Alex Frank at (703) 276-3264 or


About Climate Cabinet PAC: Climate Cabinet PAC believes every elected office in America should be held by an official fighting for a just and equitable clean energy transition that creates jobs and makes life better for all Americans.

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