Climate & the 2022 Midterms:
Official Statement

November 9, 2022

This election, climate was on the ballot. From your local city council race to Congress, the 2022 midterms mattered for climate.

In 2022, Climate Cabinet Action analyzed over 5,000 races to find the ones with the largest “climate ROI.” This Moneyball for Climate strategy was successful: 85% of priority candidates won their races last Tuesday. These priority candidates now have authority over 524 Million Metric Tons of CO2e/year.  

Climate champions’ success in the midterms creates expansive climate progress possibilities. With the state legislature flips in Minnesota and Michigan - along with a new Democratic Governor in Arizona - the midterms just opened up a vast window of opportunity - from clean air to creating new markets for high-quality clean energy jobs.

Federally, the House is unlikely to pass new climate legislation under Speaker McCarthy. But the Senate’s ability to confirm Biden judicial nominees to the bench will result in more pro-clean energy rulings from federal courts. And thanks to gains made in the states, millions of Americans now have pro-climate politicians in charge.

Climate Cabinet Action is ready to build on these gains, and has already identified over 200 high-priority climate races in 2023. You can support these races at