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Talking Climate in Rural Communities

Climate change affects rural and urban communities alike, but attitudes on the subject are polarized acrossthe urban/rural divide. While rural voters voice concern about climate change, they are generally more reluctantto talk about it with their friends and neighbors. Different strategies can be used to talk more effectivelywith rural voters about the climate crisis.

Messaging on High energy costs

Electricity, fossil gas, and oil prices have risen across the world over the past several months, driven in part bypandemic-related market disruptions and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Fossil fuel pundits have tried to claim thatenvironmental policies are driving up energy costs, but clean energy is not the problem – it’s the solution.

Race, Pollution, and Climate

Across the U.S., Black and Indigenous communities and other communities of color are inequitablyexposed to pollution and other environmental hazards – a phenomenon known as environmental racism. Environmental injustice is built into communities – and addressing this requires intentional policy.

Clean energy economics

Transitioning to a 100% clean energy economy will create jobs, spur economic growth, and save money. Not onlydoes investing in clean energy create more jobs than investing in fossil fuels, there are now more clean energyjobs than fossil fuel jobs in 42 out of the 50 states.

Clean energy 101

Rapidly transitioning to a 100% clean energy economy is critical to tackling the climate crisis, and state and locallawmakers have a significant role to play in ensuring an equitable and expedient transition. State and localpolicies can accelerate clean energy adoption, and being well versed in the basics will help climate champs bemore effective on the campaign trail.

Texas Freeze

We need elected leaders who will build infrastructure that keeps the lights on: transmission lines, clean energy jobs, batterystorage, and energy efficient homes.

Check out this resource to learn about the Texas Grid Failure: what happened, how we can prevent it in the future, and how to spot disinformation.