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Announcing: the national climate scorecard - trends & Overview

At Climate Cabinet Action, we know some of the most critical climate action happens at the state and local level. Dig into the trends of our latest scorecard to see who is driving action forward - and who is holding it back.

Press Release: Climate Cabinet Action Launches Second National Scorecard

Voters can discover how 4,296 state legislators in 27 U.S. states voted on 476 critical climate and environmental justice bills – including their own state representative

2020 Arizona Drop Off & Roll Off Data Analysis Takeaways

Read on for downballot roll-off analysis for Arizona, another crucial state that presents a huge strategic opportunity for the climate movement. Take a look at what we found.

What the data says about how pro-climate leaders can win down-ballot in NC

This analysis dives into how “roll-off” rates across North Carolina can be the sole difference maker in state and local elections, and identifies ticket-splitting patterns, key to understanding electoral opportunities.

Climate champions made Minnesota’s “blockbuster” session possible

Minnesota passed its most ambitious and historic climate agenda in state history. Climate champions made this possible.

State of the Union: Climate Cabinet Statement Ahead of President Joe Biden’s Third Address to the Nation

Caroline Spears: President Biden has the rare opportunity to wield the power of the State of the Union Address to unite the country behind the fight against climate change.

Press Release: Climate Cabinet Celebrates Minnesota on Becoming 12th State to Legislate 100% Clean Electricity Standards

In 2022, Climate Cabinet helped eight of its nine Climate Slate champions win at the ballot box – flipping the Minnesota Senate to a pro-climate majority

New trend: states suing other states over pro-climate policies

North Dakota’s impending lawsuit isn’t an outlier. It’s a part of a growing trend orchestrated by fossil fuel companies...

PRESS RELEASE: Minnesota Senate, Four Senate “Climate Slate” Champions Pass 100% Clean Electricity Legislation

In the 2022 elections, Climate Cabinet helped four of its five state senate Climate Slate champions (eight overall) win at the ballot box – flipping the Minnesota Senate to a pro-climate majority

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Apply to join our team! We are hiring for summer, spring, winter, fall internships and are always open to volunteers.

A year in review

We are incredibly proud of the work we’ve done this year, and incredibly grateful to the community who made it possible. Here are some highlights from a thrilling 2022.

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: 2023

The 2024 election has begun!!! Whoa whoa whoa, hold your horses — we checked the calendar and 2023 is up first.

Climate Slate in Leadership Roles

We’re not just electing climate champions today, we’re electing the next generation of diverse leadership. Read about these Climate Slate champs assuming leadership roles.

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: Climate WINS

Today, we want to start by saying thank you. Thank you for being a part of this cycle with us. It was our biggest yet.

Climate & the 2022 Midterms: Statement

This election, climate was on the ballot. From your local city council race to Congress, the 2022 midterms mattered for climate.

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: Google & the database

We are thrilled to announce that Schmidt Futures, an initiative launched by the former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy, has recognized Climate Cabinet Education's data work as exceptional.

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: How can I help?

How can I make a difference? Sometimes it is tough to find an entry point into climate work. Read on.

There is no off season

Elections happen all the time, not just in the typical midterm and presidential seasons. That’s why Climate Cabinet is preparing now to support local climate champions up for election in 2023 in key states like Virginia. And these candidates need your help!

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: Climate & Democracy At risk

Attacks on our democracy have been reported on extensively. What may be news, however, is that these same anti-democratic tactics are also being used to handcuff climate policy.

Municipal utilities and local elections: Internship takeaways

Summer intern Bradley Snyder reflects on his summer research - in which he dove deep into energy governance and local elections.

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: Implementation, anyone? 

We don't know about you, but we feel wind in our sails and renewed momentum headed into the Fall. With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, it is becoming clearer by the minute that there are transformative changes on the horizon...

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: Climate candidates Everywhere

The countdown is on... only 75 days until Election Day! (Although to be honest, elections are year-round for the Climate Cabinet team). We’ve been busy building support for gamechanging candidates who will use the powers of their offices to create clean energy jobs and ensure clean air...

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: It's Showtime

It was a big weekend. This Sunday, the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest clean energy bill ever to reach the floor of the chamber. We are not counting this done until it is on the President's desk and signed, but expectation is that the House will take it up as soon as Friday for a vote.

Press Release: Arizona Climate slate primary results

Candidates focused on reducing energy costs in Arizona win respective primaries.

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: Fighting for Democracy

It has been a tough few weeks, we know. Since the Supreme Court dramatically curtailed the EPA's ability to regulate power sector emissions last week, we have been reflecting on the need for climate action — today, at scale, in every community.

Press Release: STATEMENT ON FEDERAL clean energy impasse

We're sad and angry, but not out of hope. No single bill could stop the climate crisis, and there is a path forward: the states.

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: Political Donations or Carbon offsets?

Everyday, we work hard to identify the highest "ROI" elections for climate action. We comb through climate and political datasets to model where our involvement in a race can have the highest impact, and check our work with trusted local partners...

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: Headwinds from Polluting Industries

A big roadblock to climate action is the mismatch between what Americans want and how their lawmakers vote. If politicians aren’t taking their cues from voters, who are they listening to?

Corruption Watch in Georgia 

Frightened Incumbents Pull Out All the Stops To Bar Clean Energy and Consumer Advocate Patty Durand from the Georgia PSC Race

Climate Slate candidates are showing up for LGBTQ+ rights

Our Climate Slate candidates are fantastic champions for climate action and environmental justice. But that’s not all. 

$2.8M+ of dark money flows into South Texas Race

Climate Slate candidate met with deluge of sketchy money

Climate Cabinet Newsletter: It's primary season

State and local candidates are often strapped for the early-cycle resources they need to build a robust campaign and run a competitive race. In order to elect the strongest climate champions possible, we need to support them early - and build groundwork for the long-term.


Candidates Focused on Reducing Energy Costs Win Respective North Carolina Primary Elections 

Climate and Democracy

Here are a few examples of the intersections between climate action and democracy in some of our priority states. 

Arizona Commissioners Say "No" to New Gas-Fired Power Plant

Yet again, elections matter for climate and justice. On Tuesday, Arizona Climate Slate champ voted down expanding a fossil gas plant.

Climate Slate Victory in Missouri!

Last night, voters in Columbia, Missouri elected two Climate Slate champions!

Shenanigans in Georgia

Climate Slate candidate Patty Durand has had to deal with some last minute shenanigans from the state legislature to derail her campaign.

Climate Slate Update

Did you see? This week, we added more climate and environmental justice champions to the Climate Slate. 

Virginia’s 2022 Legislative Session Wrap Up

This session marked the first under the new Glenn Youngkin administration, combined with new Republican control over the House of Delegates.

How Public Power Advocates Helped Win a Major Victory in Rural America

Hard work by environmentalists has helped turn low-turnout utility board elections into a vehicle for change in Nebraska

Texas Primary recap

The unofficial results from the March 1 Texas Primary are in, and we are incredibly proud of our Climate Slate and endorsed candidates! Read the highlights. 

Identifying key districts after redistricting: North Carolina spotlight

With over 6,000 state legislative seats up for election this November, we must determine which of these races to prioritize for the greatest climate impact. 

What can states do on climate?

Here's a primer on the many different ways states can step up as climate leaders.

Press release: Press Release: CLIMATE CABINET LAUNCHES 2022 CLIMATE SLATE 

Today, Climate Cabinet PAC made their first endorsements of the 2022 election cycle and announced the Climate Slate

High Stakes for Defending Climate Wins in Virginia 

Legislative Director Blair St. Ledger-Olson reflects on the nomination of Trump EPA-appointee Andrew Wheeler as Virginia Secretary of Natural and Historic Resources.

Is the Bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act a Climate Bill?

The states will decide.

2021 Candidate Engagement: Program Recap

Our candidate engagement program helps candidates make climate change a bigger part of their campaign - in a way that will help them win.

Clean, equitable jobs for illinois

Deputy Director Emma Fisher reflects on the Clean & Equitable Jobs Act, newly passed in her home state of Illinois.

Virginia climate slate winners

At Least Two Climate Slate Candidates Reelected to the Virginia House of Delegates

Not all democrats are climate heroes

Democrats are overwhelmingly better than Republicans when it comes to voting for climate action. But in the face of the climate crisis, being better than a Republican isn’t good enough. 

Comparing scores across states: not apples to apples

Climate Cabinet Scores should be considered within the context of each individual state. In this blog, we explain why -- and then invite you to dive into the data!


The Climate Cabinet Scorecard is the first national tool to hold state legislators accountable for their votes on important climate legislation.

Climate cabinet scorecard: Methodology

Read more about the methodology of the Climate Cabinet Scorecard.

The Climate Cabinet Scorecard - full Report

The first national scorecard to hold state legislators accountable for their votes on important climate and environmental justice legislation.

Climate battleground: the states

We probably sound like a broken record: we can’t tackle climate change without state leadership. State legislatures are the under-appreciated battlegrounds for our future.

The power states hold: Scorecard preview

Intern Emma Buday spent her summer diving into climate bills. Here’s what she learned about the power of state legislatures.

Teaser: why we need scorecards

We need a national climate scorecard for state legislators. Here’s why.

Climate is a Justice issue: View from Virginia

We need to address climate change and social justice hand-in-hand. Here’s a view from Virginia.

Virginia climate slate

Help us defend Virginia’s pro-climate legislative majority 

Election Data is Climate Data

Join us as we dive into the data at the intersection of climate change and electoral politics.

Climate Cabinet Action: 2020 Election Recap

Climate is finally a winning political issue — but the top of the ticket failed to drive downballot Democratic success in this election.

The divided states of climate action

A Data Dive On How U.S. State Legislators Are Dealing With The Climate Crisis (Or Not)